Welcome to a New Area of the Williston Basin

Prepared to drill in underexplored petroleum basin

Saturn Minerals Inc. (TSX.V: SMI / FRANKFURT: SMK) is a junior Canadian Energy Company focused on the northern section of Williston Basin which has oil bearing formations similar to the production center in the southern parts of the basin in Manitoba, Montana and North Dakota. Saturn acquired more than 370,000 acres of oil and gas exploration permits for the Bannock Creek and Little Swan projects near the town of Hudson Bay in Saskatchewan.

+ Drilling targets at a depth of less than 1,000 meters
+ Low cost conventional drilling below approx. 830,000 CAD all in
+ Target light oil with low production costs at approx. 25 CAD per barrel
+ Maximize shareholder value through land acquisition at low costs
+ Solid international shareholder structure

“We have encountered strong evidence that we are operating in a new petroleum system,” stated Stan Szary, CEO. “We’ve discovered at least two traps on the Bannock Creek property, which we believe could contain large amounts of conventional light oil in 3 different zones.”

Photos and videos of the current drilling program on the Bannock Creek project are available on the corporate Facebook profile: https://www.facebook.com/SaturnMineralsSMI/

“Oil is migrating through our property,” stated Stan Szary, CEO “and we believe it is coming from the deeper parts of the Williston basin. Oil will move until it is trapped and our mission is to find those traps on our properties.”

We welcome you to watch our corporate video: